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Business Integrated Security Management Solutions

We believe security solutions are essential business systems, uniquely positioned to deliver value that goes beyond traditional security thinking.  Our focus on innovation and efficiency, combined with a deep understating of your business needs, ensures your core operations are effectively managed with total economy.

From intelligent integration with building management systems, to people and time efficiencies gained through automation, policy enforcement, and smart use of resourced, Gallagher solutions are designed to save you time and money.

The Gallagher solution fully integrates access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, health and life-safety, people management, and business policy enforcement - delivering unparalleled business efficiencies.



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make the world a safer place than we found it!

Proximity and Contact Tracing Report

The Proximity and Contact Tracing Report is a utility used to help identify cardholders who have shared an area simultaneously with a cardholder who has tested positive for an infectious virus, such as COVID-19.


Potash Case Study - Gallagher + Milestone

Read more on how Gallagher and Milestone teamed up to create a unique solution to support the world's largest fertilizer comapny's unique requriements of a comprehensive security system.